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Starting again…

It’s time to have another go at blogging. Why? Not because my life is so interesting that you have to keep reading about it. Nor because I want to convert you to any cause. No, it’s simply I want to start writing again; to record some of the experiences I’m having in these changing times. If they’re of interest to anyone else – so much the better!

marine biology 2019

Here’s a photo of what I saw on my return to Spain by ferry. I don’t know which type of dolphin it was but I saw a pod of them a few hundred yards from the boat as we approached Santander. What a thrill it gave me to spot these wild animals at play!

Thanks for reading, I hope to post more items in the weeks and months to come. All comments/feedback appreciated…


When is a fish not a fish?

So you go to the fishmongers. You want some mackerel, you know it’s good for you. Feeling confident, you ask: ‘Tienes algun caballo?’ The fishmonger laughs, and goes into a shtik, miming the riding of a horse. Doh! You’ve asked for a horse (caballo), not mackerel (caballa). Well, you won’t do that again, will you?dav

Sea Change!

So I’ve come to live in pretty Nerja-by-the-Sea. Sure, it’s the Costa del Sol. Sure, there’s a truckload of English, Irish, and Scandinavians here. But hell, it’s nice! (This is the view from my balcony at ten to seven in the evening). More news soon…dav


Had this picture taken recently at a friend’s house. Remembering how happy I am at the keyboard…jon playing piano

Setting Sail…

No, I haven’t quite gone yet. What I have done is start seeing special people and visiting favourite places before I leave the UK. Here am I setting sail from Torquay to Paignton after an afternoon out with my good friend, Lynne.

Jon on Boat

Australia pt. 1 – Big Mack

In November I’m flying to Melbourne to go to my nephew, Mack’s barmitzvah. Last time I went to Australia was in 2010. Mack was younger and I was in recovery. A motor accident in India had left me weak and I was glad to find sanctuary with my sister and her family. My memories of the trip are clear but fragmented: seeing my first kangaroo at Melbourne zoo; strolling on crutches around big parks; going out one night to a jazz gig in the city, and of course, watching my nephews playing soccer.

Jon with Mack

Soon I’ll have the chance to see them, and Melbourne again. And lots more besides. I’ve got 3 months on the visa and I’m taking my travel guitar, a list of contacts around the country from the peace organisation, Servas, and an open mind. I want to see some friends, meet new people, visit some intentional communities and find out something about Aboriginal culture. Please subscribe to my blog and join me on my journey down under. You might even get to see Priscilla playing out on the streets!


Jammin’ with the Buddha

priscilla at buddhafield2Meet Priscilla Hearts-Tongue. She’s been called “a chanteuse with balls”, a “transvestite troubadour”, and various other things I’m not going to repeat here. Here she is, jammin’ with the Buddha at the Buddhafield Festival in Somerset, July 2017. Look out in future posts for more words, images and music from Priscilla. Photo courtesy of Mike Kear, aka Kerfuffle, 

My New Blog

This is the first blog I’ve written on and though I can’t install any fancy themes, I hope you’ll agree it’s worth reading!Jon 3 times panorama

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